सोमवार, 7 अक्तूबर 2013


    What all is transpiring in the name of opposition to Telangana state formation process out of Andhra Pradesh is really shocking. 

The power plant units are put  OFF as a strike feature. Think of the public inconvenience caused to general public.

I am waiting for all those reporting agencies, who call OIL sector officers agitation as " DESH DROH" for their reporting the state of affairs to day. 

Why silent???

Things went to the extant that power to Railways has also been disrupted ... 

News reports say - Darkened Rayala Seema / Andhra etc. 

Pressing your demands and causing inconvenience to this levels are two different  things.

The Joint Action committee for the purpose says it will continue till 20th Oct except sparing Railways... I am afraid which way  and where we are getting driven to?????


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