रविवार, 28 अप्रैल 2013

Tube well mishaps...

Some years back - for the first time i saw in papers/TV and all other sources of news - that a baby fell in the tube well bore - left open unconciously or otherwise.

Firebrigade and all what not possible engineers etc got involved and rescued the baby with utmost sincerity and efforts. My salutations to all those involved in any manner.

Thereafter off and on I am finding such news in TV channels or in news papers about repetition of such incidences.

It hurts but at times I am perturbed to think do they really happen with the sincerity of the nears and dears or if there is an element of false hood or carelessness.

I have not come across a single news item in any of the news sources that the guilty have been punished for leaving the borewell open and uncovered. Not providing a caution board cardoning the area are secondary measures here. 

Can any one in position think in these lines to prevent repetitions of such chaotic situation involving life...or Can some one ennlighten me about the preventive actions if taken???


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