रविवार, 23 अक्तूबर 2011

Rail Accident at BILASPUR- South East Central Rly.

On 22nd Oct 2011 night, at about 1900 hrs  at TARBAHAR rly xing some persons xing the rly tracks were rundown by the speeding railway train(s). All TV channels and news papers reported and expressed concerns.

Many said it is gateman's mistake.
I had shock of my life.

Of course the accident is heart rendering and I too pray for solace to the departed souls.... but it can't be said that mistake is by the gatekeeper at the Railway gate.

What  made ( makes ) people to cross the closed gate from below along with the cycles and motorcycles / scooters? Whether these persons listen to Rly men? Closing gates is enough indication that NO ONE CROSS the TRACK. Its enough.

How can the gate keepers stop traffic one by one?

At least now every one should understand and REALISE & should not risk their lives by undercrossing the closed railway gates.

Let us be honest to ourselves and not blame the poor and honest gatekeepers for such mistake by others.

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