गुरुवार, 5 जुलाई 2012

Presidential Elections...

Once again India is at cross roads for electing its president.

Constitution says... president is above the party politics, President doesn't belong to any politicqal party and is solely beyond the clutches of political parties.

but... what is happening.???

If it is so -- why Congress is nominating / proposing / supporting Mr. Pranab Mukherjee?

Why political parties do associate themselves with a specific candidate?

Why individual MP is NOT allowed to cast his vote as per his wisdom and let president be elected fairly???

It is true to the extant of saying that no political party issues a whip
-- yes but does it really happen???

what is the case  off the records???

What's wrong if there is a cross voting???

It should not be interest of parties to get their candidate elected as president but they must strive fpor most acceptable candidate as president who serves he national interest in best perspective.

Those who matter may rethink in this direction as well...

Iyengar. M.R.

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