मंगलवार, 2 अगस्त 2011

Dhoni ...or Sachin ???

 Recently there was a news item mentioning a great sportman's spirit in our Mahendra Singh Dhoni  that the appeal against the Ian Bell's run out has been withdrawn. Bell also spoke about the misunderstanding he had .. whatsoever may be the reason...agreed that as per the rules he was out. Yes, indeed it is a gesture in Dhoni.. but the decision may not be his own... must be from the team in the dressing room.

Today there is another news, it is not Dhoni but the Sachin who agreed whereas Dhoni wasn't in agreement to withdraw the appeal... " The HINDU "

What transpired between these two events?  ONLY INDIA LOST THE TEST..
 Now with that the spirit vanished and Sachin's weight is thrown in the ring  becasue he will have lesser or NO oppositions that could be???

Is it good for the CRICKET at that level ???
Whom are we ...

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